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Mar 04 2014

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Oscars 2014.

Probably the best award show I have seen in a while. It was well organized but spontaneous, fun and the speeches were impeccable.

There were also crucial moments that made the Oscars memorable this year and I want your take on them.

Let’s begin with the most talked about: Leo being left without an Oscar in his hand yet again. Poor guy. Always a nominee never an Oscaree.

Considering who he was up against and what he was up for, maybe this year was just not his year. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Wolf of Wall Street. The acting was incredible, the cinematography was beautifully done, the adaption of the book was on point and the editing was mastered. But personally, I think Leo wasn’t meant for best actor award for this film. Dallas Buyers Club was an mastered movie, and Matthew Mcconaughey played his character with grace and untouchable talent. His role was a more fitting role for the Oscar.

What did you guys think? Who deserved the award?

Secondly, let’s discuss perhaps one of the most epic and star studded selfie to hit the net. Not only did it break twitter, but it got the most retweets OF ALL TIME. Ellen rounded up a bunch of A-listers, among them Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt to take a selfie with her with she live tweeted right onto her twitter page. It got over 10 thousand retweets in under a minute. Along with Ellen as host also came the pizza delivery, the lovable mockery of J-Law’s fall and jokes that never got stale or out of taste.
In my personal opinion, no one beats Ellen as a host, both on the Oscars and on a talk show. Only Ellen could get away with being so spontaneous and exuberant without seeming annoying or out of place. I admire her. As a woman and as a person.

So what did you think? Should Ellen have been the host? Did you enjoy her carefree and engaging way of hosting?

Lastly, although there are a lot of moments to focus on, I want to go right to the main event: the movie that took it home. 12 Years a Slave was a heart-wrenching story that brings perspective to the slave and the slave owners. It’s skilled at showing how society expectations drained the humanity out of the characters and how some willingly conformed while others fought against it. It was perhaps one of the best made and it broke me down with its incredible characters and extraordinary editing and cinematography.
This movie deserved it.
For me it was between this and Dallas Buyers Club.

Did the right movie win?

Here’s the IMDB links for the top two movies of my choice:

Dallas Buyers Club: 

12 Years a Slave:

Well, thanks for tuning in last night and for your thoughts.
‘Till next year Oscars.