“We’re all mad here.”

We’re all mad here…aren’t we? Haven’t we entered the rabbit hole the minute we decided to step foot in this world of business, PR and communications? The Wonderland Alice dropped down isn’t so different than the world we have entered, being constantly reminded that if you are not different, if you don’t stand out then you are not meant to be here; that you simply aren’t “mad” enough. To be mad is to be creative, quirky. It is to be eccentric and realize that Wonderland, or the PR world you live in is filled with people who are all different levels of mad. I was draw to PR out of the desire to always be busy, to be around people and to simply exist in a career where I can create, amplify and express myself in every way possible. It is also a gateway to the film and television dream that I could never leave behind.

When I metaphorically fell through the rabbit hole and saw how much it had to offer in terms of my dream and my abilities, I never bothered climbing back out. But that’s a problem sometimes, this place I and all my classmates have decided to be a part of. It’s a place of eccentricity, of alteration and dynamics that must be learned in order to adapt. We are being challenged every day because we must continue to alter and adapt in this world of constant evolution. It is the constant evolution of social media, of PR techniques and of infinitely changing business perspectives and skills. If we do not keep up and acclimate, we are left behind because it is an ever changing world and to simply see the world through normal eyes is to lose sight of what a PR professional must do. They must see the world through different eyes, and explore places no one has explored and to take the dark, intimidating forest route instead of the well-travelled lit path so that they may reach points and notions that others have not even begun to think about. We, as PR professionals must continue to push limits and in a world so drained of originality, it is somewhat difficult to build new ideas when you are always surrounded by media that influences your mind without you even being aware of it. Opportunities also will present themselves to us as adaptability. It’s a two sided coin. Simply put, the ever changing society creates new openings for originality and for ways of doing things in ways that we have never done before. As technology changes, we begin to have more and more channels to express ourselves through and it’ll always be a race to see who can properly and effectively use these channels the quickest.

I plan to bring with me into this world, the ability to adapt to an evolving culture and to blend together who I am with who I need to professionally be. There is no doubt in my mind that I will always push my own limits and not falter in the eyes of difficulty, regardless of what may be waiting down the PR rabbit hole. PR professionals and communicators are sometimes seen as not being strategically or business educated, but our generation of PR and communications students will prove and rewire the mindset of the business world as we prove to be the most strategically, creative, knowledgeable and mad ones of them all.

Picture credit: http://www.kameronhurley.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/AliceInWonderland-DownTheRabbitHole-011.jpg


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